Dog Boarding

Pinky’s Dog Boarding

Give yourself peace of mind when you leave for your travels by allowing your dogs to stay with us while you are away.

Pinky’s Dog Boarding stay in individual indoor suites which keeps them secure. Depending on each dog’s personality, they are allowed to participate in daily activities from being individually walked several times a day to play time with other boarding dogs.  Cesar Millan, a well know dog psychologgist in the USA, always recommends walking with your dog to form a bond.  Also, walking allows your dog to explore different areas compared to staying in the same pen all day. Your canine friend is also welcome to join the others in a trip to a nearby park as long as he is well socialized.

When not romping around with other dogs in the playpen or being walked, every dog gets their own private suite large roomy enough for a plush bed and dinner.  This way, all the boarders get ‘down time’ from the other dogs and are fed separately.   Each dog can be monitored to make sure that they are eating well and have time to themselves. It can be very stressful for dogs to be with other unfamiliar dogs.

Pinky’s is set up to board dogs of all sizes and personalities, even those ‘problem dogs’ that are turned away from other kennels.

Pinky’s Dog Boarding Phone (09) 2652865 now to book