Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often do you walk dogs boarding at Pinkys? 

Dogs staying at Pinkys are walked frequently throughout the day, at least twice a day and more depending on weather.

2. Where do the dogs sleep? 

All of our boarders are assigned seperate ‘sleeping quarters’ whereas they are kept away from other dogs overnight and during nap/chill out time.  By request, more than 1 dog may share the same suite only if the dogs are familar with each other, such as are from the same household.

3.  How are the dogs exercised? 

As mentioned above, they are walked frequently.  When not walking or relaxing in their private suites, they are in the indoor playpen romping with other dogs.

4. Are the animals left in the premises alone overnight? 

No, we have staff staying in the apartment upstairs in Pinkys.

5. My dog is on a strict diet, is this a problem?  

No.  We supply premium pet foods for pets staying with us (Eukanuba and Iams) but if your pet requires a prescription diet or any other special diet, just provide it for us to use when you drop your pet off.  All dogs are fed separately in their own quarters.

6.  My dog needs confinement and restricted exercise as recommended by my vet, is this possible at Pinkys? 

Yes, in fact we are ideally set up for convalescing dogs that need restricted exercise.  We can reduce the length of the walks and not allow playtime in pens.  This is also ideal for the older boarders that are beginning to slow down in their later years.

7.  My dog does not like walking on a leash so how will he get his exercise? 

Sadly, many dogs are not accustomed to walking on a lead despite living in suburban areas whereas keeping dogs on leads is mandatory.  We have discovered that this is not really a problem as once a dog learns to associate the lead with going outside to explore.  It usually only takes a few walks before most dogs really start to look forward to walks.

8.  What happens if my pet gets sick or injured while staying at Pinky’s? 

While the risk of injury is very low, pets still can become ill for various reasons.  Pinky’s has a vet on call 24 hours, 7 days a week and will be attended to on our premises by our resident vet.

9. How will you entertain my dog while I play in a casino in Las Vegas? 

We have a huge selection of different toys for dogs, trainers. Our staff trained in all dog games, including French dog roulette =)

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